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Why People Use Mailbox Service

Top Reasons to use Mailbox Service

For Business Purposes. If you own a small business, Registered Address / Mail Box Service may be of great help to you in the following areas:

Starting a new business
If you do not have an established business address, using our service will allow you to present your business as a "real" business. Many clients want to deal with serious business people, not someone operating from a home or garage. Having our address with a unit number will immediately offer you a higher status. And that is what counts.

Planning to move
If you are planning to relocate in the near future, you may want to use our Registered Address service until you finally find the right location and settle down.

Having separate addresses for separate businesses
If you have more than one business, you may have a need for a separate address. Confidentiality, marketing and legal purposes are just a few reasons why this may be important.

While traveling
If you are traveling frequently for business purposes, we can keep track of your important correspondence and notify you when your mail arrives.
If you are our customer for Accounting or Tax services, we may reply to government correspondence on your behalf. This would greatly reduce the chance of missing filing deadlines for your government reports.

For personal privacy
When you are in business, many companies send hundreds of unsolicited offers every month. We help you keep your home address private and junk mail out of your mail box.

Mail Box Service is also very useful
for individual purposes.

For personal privacy
If you have any reason to keep your correspondence confidential, our Mail Box service is your perfect solution.

While traveling
If you travel frequently and for extended periods of time, we can monitor your mail and advise you of any important correspondence.

Going through a divorce
Going through a divorce is a hard enough process. Keeping your mail private is extremely important. This would include legal correspondence, financial and banking information.

Many companies would ship only to a local Canadian address. If you are located outside of Canada, having a MailBox service would allow you to make purchases and have them forwarded to you anywhere in the world.

Immigration to Canada
If you are moving to Canada, you can obtain a local Canadian address before you come to Canada. This would allow you to receive legal documents, immigration papers and any other correspondence while you are outside of Canada.

Renovating your home
If you are renovating your home, you may need to stay away from your home for an extensive time period. Having a MailBox will allow you the freedom to receive your mail and forward it to anywhere you wish.


Can you think of any other business or personal uses for a registered address or mail box service? If you can think of 2 more unique reasons (not listed on this page), we will give you one month free of charge.

Submit your reasons via our help desk here.

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Although Business Development Center currently operates out of our offices in Ontario and British Columbia, we can provide you our mailbox service regardless of your province or country of residence. If you need a physical street address without the added expense of conducting business at that address, let us help.

MyMail is a no-commitment, private, secure and reliable global mail service that you design based on your needs. Signing up is fast and easy – your account will be created in less than a day! You can cancel your account at any time and get back your unused money.




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