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Re-Mailing Your Mail

Re-mailing services are becoming very popular worldwide. If you need to send a postcard, mail or any other correspondence from Canada while you are out of the country, we can easily assist you with this task. For a nominal fee we will prepare and mail whatever correspondence you require and record the mailing date for your reference.

All you have to do is to prepare your postcards, letters or payments the way you normally would and seal all envelopes, but do not put stamps on them. We will place the required postage on all envelopes.

If you want your mail delivered with a Canadian return address or if you want to obscure your actual address for privacy reasons, our re-mailing service is perfect for you.

By adding the "Re-Mailing" service to your package, you can send your mail using our address as your return address.

Your items will be placed in the mail the same day they arrive at our office, with the postmark "Toronto, ON, Canada".

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for our mail service and select the "Re-Mailing" option to add it to your package.
Your mail re-mailed anywhere!

If you want your identity and/or location to remain anonymous, you can use our re-mailing service to forward your letters, post cards, envelops or packages. Using this service allows your items to be mailed and officially postmarked. Some common items sent by our customers include:
  • Valentine cards
  • Letters and packages from a Secret Santa
  • A letter from a secret admirer
  • Gags and jokes
  • Complaint letters to companies


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